Modern analog photography paved the way for digital 3D.




3D/Motion graphics ready for the digital print industry.




LINDAR Corporation.




Jade Photech is an IGA Red Oval Family Partner.

About Us


Jade Photech’s technical team is led by Jerry Nims, LL.D. and Bill Karszes, Ph.D. Nims and Karszes developed/patented the 3D depth of field and control of the parallax, which was the basis for analog 3D images without glasses in 1980 - 2005.

This photographic system was named as “one of the ten outstanding engineering achievements in the United States” in 1983 by the National Society of Professional Engineers. The system delivered millions of 3D amateur, professional and portrait prints using specially designed 3D analog cameras during the 80's and 90's. In medicine, 3D transparencies used to diagnose glaucoma were delivered weekly to ophthalmologists and hospitals.

New Scientific Approach and Applications

Jade Photech uses its sister company Photon3D’s new P3D operating system / platform to produce digital 3D images for printing. The new P3D operating system / platform controls the position and path of light from the original object to the human visual system resulting in focused 3D motion graphics with no glasses required. Print applications include lithographic, flexographic, direct digital and large format printing presses, including software/algorithms to deliver optically tuned 3D/Motion images that are part of this new technology.

New Optica Lens Material

On the materials side, new lens engraving cylinders were designed and cut in the U.S. The new Optica lens material has many optical Microcells™ that control the Photons. These lens designs, backed with extensive research, result in a unique 3D/Motion lens system featuring Microcell™ technology that offers the printer consistent optical profiles from batch to batch. No glasses required. Visit for more information.

Supporting Green Manufacturing

A new petroleum based process was developed for “green” plastic manufacturing that features a high level of sustainability. This new high precision lens manufacturing machine has been built by our European partner. The machinery is designed to run 24/7, set new cost standards and deliver the “greenest” plastic lens material globally.

Jade Photech Partners


Jade Photech entered into a joint venture with LINDAR (  LINDAR has been in the thermoforming plastics business since 1993 with Toro, Sherwin Williams and Wal-Mart among their customers.

Jade Photech has supplied to LINDAR state of the art plastics manufacturing equipment delivering world class sustainability metrics for our Optica lens material. The raw material is produced using the lowest carbon footprint currently available. The custom machine design, built by our European partner, is capable of up to 80% post industrial regrind allowing the greenest plastic on the market for 2D & 3D graphics applications.


Jade Photech is a Red Oval Family Partner with IGA (  IGA has over 3,000 private labels, 5,000+ stores, $32B in sales in 30+ countries.  As an IGA service provider, Jade Photech has an agreement with IGA to present/endorse Jade Photech to IGA National Brand Partners.