A new dimension in print...

Optica Lens Material

Jade Photech offers premium Optica Lens Material through our joint venture manufacturing. This is a unique 3D/Motion lens system featuring Microcell™ technology that offers the printer consistent optical profiles from batch to batch. This lens material is also green qualified to comply with your in-house eco-friendly initiatives.

Custom Lens Design

Jade Photech also offers custom lens (lenticular) design and configurations for special order clients. We have the capability to make your dream lens sheet a reality. Please contact us for more details on this exciting opportunity.

Current Lens Configurations

Optica 60

  • 60 LPI (lenticules per inch)
  • 33 mil (thickness)
  • 31° Viewing Angle Optimized for 3D displays

Optica 100

  • 100 LPI (lenticules per inch)
  • 14 mil (uses 40% less material)
  • 42° Viewing Angle Optimized for 3D and Motion labels and packaging

Other lens configurations (LPI and size) are available depending on application.